FEED A PUPPY BANNER2 Uncle Andy Toys is launching Feed A Puppy, the WORLD'S FIRST live streaming, interactive animal app!

These are REAL rescue puppies. Watch 'em play. Watch 'em all day. Wanna feed 'em? Just click the FEED button and - thanks to our patented Feed A Puppy technology - a yummy treat will fall into their bowl in REAL TIME!



The puppies have been rescued by Eleventh Hour Rescue, a not-for-profit group dedicated to saving dogs and cats from death row.

The app is FREE! Additional treats can be purchased or earned. A PORTION OF EVERY DOLLAR WILL BE DONATED to their shelter in Northern NJ.

In addition to user-interaction, other features include:

*Compatibility with Apple® (iPhone, iPad & iPod) and Android® OS

*Video quality comparable or better than most video streaming apps available today.

*A social media share link.

*The ability to bypass the app's sound effects and play your own music.

*A portion of your treat purchases automatically donated to saving homeless pets.

available for purchase at:
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