Rigged Trivia
RIGGED TRIVIA LOOKS like an ordinary trivia quiz, but the game is RIGGED!   Each question contains a SECRET, SIMPLE CODE that tells you the right answer! Impress your family!   Astound your friends!   You'll "know" the right answer to every question- in ANY SUBJECT- in ANY CATEGORY! History. Sports. Literature. Even Advanced Physics! It's simple. Download the app for FREE and you'll be shown the SECRET TRICK.   Then go to the SETTINGS PAGE and "DISGUISE THE GAME". That's right, there's an actual switch called "Disguise The Game"- how awesome is that?! IvyLeagueTriviaAppICON_1024x1024 The app will transform, like magic, into an innocent-looking trivia quiz called IVY LEAGUE TRIVIA. It'll even appear as "Ivy League Trivia" on your menu screen. Perfect for parties, bars, long car rides, any social situation.  Even better: teach your children the trick, and watch them "show off" for relatives! Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Even better, shoot the game in action, and post it on Youtube. Share your link on Twitter @AndyBreckmanMan or email it to support@uncleandytoys.com and we will feature you on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Try it FREE!  Click below.
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