Andy Breckman was raised in New Jersey. In a town called Haddonfield. On Edge Park Drive. Number 810.
His bedroom was at the end of the hall. Last door on the right.

His world revolved- when it revolved at all- around comic books and movies. Oh, and TV. Oh, and Mad magazine. Oh, and music.

Before founding his toy and game company, Breckman was an award-winning comedy writer. He began his career writing and performing comedic songs. In his head, he was Bruce Springsteen. In reality, he was not Bruce Springsteen. What’s the opposite of Bruce Springsteen? That was him.

In 1982, while writing for David Letterman, he appeared on the show as a musical guest. Wanna see it? I can’t imagine why, but HERE IT IS.


Singer Songwriter

The folk years

At SNL, rehearsing with Ringo Starr

At SNL, rehearsing with Ringo Starr


Gadfly Records released a live CD. It became a huge bestseller nowhere at all. BUY IT HERE.

After Letterman, Breckman wrote for Saturday Night Live. He wrote a number of memorable sketches, including “White Like Me” with Eddie Murphy WATCH IT HERE. and “Japanese Game Show” with Mike Myers and Chris Farley. HERE’S THAT ONE.

He’s also written a number of films, including I.Q., Sgt. Bilko, and Rat Race, which has become something of a cult favorite. HERE’S A CLIP.




In 2002, Breckman created the mystery/comedy series MONK, which ran for eight seasons and won a shitload of awards. If you BUY THE BOX SET, He’ll make 12 cents. Thank you.

 Iraq, 2003. With Al Franken and the USO

Iraq, 2003. With Al Franken and the USO

Since the 1990’s, Breckman has co-hosted a weekly radio show on WFMU called SEVEN SECOND DELAY. Some episodes are pretty lame. The others are straight-up train wrecks. HERE’S A LINK to some recent shows. You’ve been warned.

In 2018, Breckman created and executive produced THE GOOD COP for Netflix, starring Josh Groban & Tony Danza. Other career highlights include writing jokes for Steve Martin at the Oscars, and traveling to Iraq and Afghanistan with Al Franken for the USO.

A few years back, New Jersey Monthly ran THIS PROFILE of him  when they ran out of Bruce Springsteen stories.

Which brings us- finally- to his groovy little side project, UNCLE ANDY TOYS. He feels that creating toys & games is a natural extension of his comedy writing career. “The toy business is basically show business with dice”.

WFMU with my co-host and patsy, Ken Freedman

On WFMU with co-host and patsy, Ken Freedman

Uncle Andy launched SHIT HAPPENS on Kickstarter in 2016. It was licensed by Goliath Games and has become a worldwide success. BUY IT HERE. TBS created a television game show in 2019 based on the game. It’s called THE MISERY INDEX and stars Jameela Jamil and the Impractical Jokers. Not too shabby.

Check out Uncle Andy’s line of slightly subversive toys and games. They include: IT DIES WITH ME, which comes with edible paper and a food-coloring pen.. REAL-LIFE TRAVEL BINGO, a travel game for real, dysfunctional familes (like yours).. WHO TOOTED?, which combines America’s two favorite pastimes, poker and farting.. and LITTLE DIABLO, a trash-talking doll featuring the voice of Jon Lovitz.