Who Tooted?
My bid for immortality
Shit Happens
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Shit Happens
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The fast-paced, hilarious game of knowledge, luck and guts! With 200 different challenges, you never know what you'll get! ...more
FROM GOLIATH GAMES. WHO TOOTED? is a family game of laughter, bluffing, and flatulence. We truly live in an age of miracles! ...more
FROM BREAKING GAMES. Finally, a holiday game for REAL families! ...more
FROM GOLIATH GAMES. The home version of the hit game show (which was inspired by SHIT HAPPENS). 100 miserable events. Players rank them according to their awfulness. ...more
FROM GOLIATH GAMES. A game for the whole family, the baby's diaper is full of Poop! Pass him back and forth, but try not to be the player holding him when he passes gas! ...more
FROM BREAKING GAMES. How well do you know your SWEAR WORDS? ...more
FROM BREAKING GAMES. An UnShutupable trash-talking game, featuring the voice of Jon Lovitz! ...more
FROM GOLIATH GAMES. An offensive but true-to-life party game. HORRIBLE LIFE EVENTS, all rated from 1 to 100. Can you put them in their correct order? ...more
FROM BREAKING GAMES. Finally.. a travel game for REAL FAMILIES! ...more
TV, RADIO, etc.
From TBS- The hit game show based on Uncle Andy's classic party game SHIT HAPPENS! ...more
NOW ON NETFLIX. From Creator/Producer Andy Breckman. A light-mystery adventure series, starring Tony Danza and Josh Groban. ...more
Created and produced by Andy Breckman. It's your mom's favorite show! If you buy the box-set, Breckman will make 12 cents. ...more
Breckman co-hosts a weekly radio show on WFMU with Ken Freedman called SEVEN SECOND DELAY. They call it "stunt radio". ...more
FROM GADFLY RECORDS. Breckman began his career writing and performing these twisted little folk songs. ...more