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The Rigged Word Scramble App is a word jumble gag game that appears to be a normal word jumble, but has a secret that reveals the word. ...more
RIGGED TRIVIA® Presto! You're a genius! A Trivia App for people who don't like losing. Answer every question on any subject! (Patent Pending) ...more
In 2001, I wrote a pilot about detective who has a paralyzing fear of the world. I called him Adrian Monk. The series won a score of Golden Globe and Emmy Awards, and is still ...more
I co-host a radio show on WFMU called SEVEN SECOND DELAY. We call it "stunt radio". Every week, we try to do something that's never been done on radio before. Half of the show ...more
I began my career writing and performing these twisted little folk songs. I found and honed my comedic voice here, in my 20's, kicking around NYC, pounding these three chords. ...more