Real Life Holiday Bingo
Finally, a holiday game for REAL families!

2 unique bingo cards where you slide the plastic shutters to mark the space. The first player to get five in a row wins - BINGO! Parents have told us that our game has made boring holidyas easier, by helping kids laugh at these difficult moments. Each window depicts an all-too-familiar holiday experience, like:

Dad Snaps, Unsolicited Life Advice, Tears, Gift Envy, Bad Gift, Lame Holiday Music, Annoying Child, Mom Snaps, Endless Recipe Talk, Geezer Dozes Off, Someone is Late, Unfunny Joke, AND MANY MORE!

Included in Each Set One set of two bingo cards on durable, reusable boards Sliding shutters to mark each space Real Life Holiday Bad-Lib on the back of each board Pictures are arranged differently on each card, so there's only one winner Each card measures 6.5" x 7"

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