SYNCLETS® are electronic, interactive bracelets that PAIR WITH EACH OTHER.  Easily and safely. Imagine this: a child and her best friend start a group.  Their Synclets LIGHT UP WHENEVER THEY'RE NEAR EACH OTHER!  Other kids can join in.  Kids can join multiple groups.  They can un-join groups. It's basically FACEBOOK on your wrist! I hired three mad geniuses from Bell Laboratories to build a proof-of-concept prototype.  Synclets are PATENTED and will be vigorously defended (Patent No. US 9,167,611B2). Wanna see these beauties in action?  CLICK HERE to see a short demonstration video. We made a groovy DIGITAL PAMPHLET.  READ IT HERE. If you have any questions, or buckets of money to invest, drop me a line.  I'd love to Sync up with you!
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